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Baltoji Katė 



The idea is to apply the same principle to the production of pizza that the best restaurants all over the world use: buy the best ingredients...

...But it's not enough anymore. We have a dream: Sustainable Pizza Gourmet! We are on a journey to produce a pizza good for the people you love and respectful of nature.

The best

of Italy


With this aim in mind, we've been searching out the very best artisans from Italy who share our ideals and create traditional natural DOP IGP products.

Saugoma kilmės

vietos nuoroda


Saugoma geografinė nuoroda





We decided, accordingly to season, to use fruit and vegetables grown by us following practises in harmony with nature, and honestly to spend more time in our garden...

Join us


We prepare dough and toppings every day fresh in our restaurant in Vilnius for the joy of our customers.

Sometimes you will not find your favourite pizza, but don't be angry, it's because we prepare fresh small batches to save electric energy to reduce our impact.

This is just beginning and still a lot to do, if you care about people and you love nature, join us and together will make our dream come true.

Eat with taste, love your dears, save the planet.

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